What You Will Discover Is Not What You Were Looking For

By Brendan Dawes
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This work originally started out as a single image created from twenty letter "O"s taken from the OFFF logo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this legendary design event. Then the COVID pandemic hit and OFFF like many other events was cancelled. I'll be honest – the silence afforded by the pandemic appealed to me. There was time to think, to slow down, to take in the things we often take for granted. There was beauty in the stillness and the quiet. Within that silence I began to take the time to look at my artistic practice and go deeper into understanding the work I wanted to make and the feelings and messages I wanted to convey. So when Héctor asked me to create a work for Ouche, I remembered this work that had gone unused two years ago but how it now seemed to take on a new meaning as a totem of how my life has changed over the last two years, especially with people's new found love and appreciation of digital art through the medium of NFTs.

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Roads Not Taken

Roads Not Taken


Roads Not Taken

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