Nº 02 TRINITY_Roads not taken by child

By Christoph Grünberger / Kero / Moritz Mayerhofer
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Every human as a biomass is the same. A wireframe filled with the memories of life. This genesis drop series consists of the works:

Nº 01 TRINITY_Roads not taken by man The man who suffers of the missed chances.

Nº 02 TRINITY_Roads not taken by child The child the child whose road yet needs to grow.

Nº 03 TRINITY_Roads not taken by woman The woman who grieves about all the other roads she could have taken.

This collaboration between Moritz Mayerhofer (animation), Kero/DetroitUnderground™ (sound) and Christoph Grünberger (concept/typography) is released on #OUCHE as a genesis drop of their first collection entitled "Roads Not Taken".

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Roads Not Taken

Roads Not Taken


Roads Not Taken

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